smallfunk is a label and publishing for the electronic works of

alex van heerden


with kate ehrhardt, paul miller, derek gripper and magnus johansson.

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”Droëland is a place which exists, and yet seems to be a suspension of reality. Deep in the ‘Kouebokkeveld’ desert’s mountains, inaccessible to cars, electricity, logic and stability, Droëland inhabitants walk the slow, fine line between khoisan shamanism and socio-economic despair. Their mythologies are inseparable from daily life: mermaids, shape-shifting snakes and ‘tokoloshes’ inhabit all corners of Droëland”

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released april 12, 2017:


now available in selected stores:

Norman Records, world wide

Mabu Vinyl, Cape Town

Bibliophilia, Cape Town

Petsounds, Stockholm

ImageMovement, Berlin

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